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Once You Know Us, You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without Us!

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Forward Thinking

We constantly anticipate what tomorrow brings and are dedicated to providing the best solutions to help agents grow their business.

Problem Solvers

Our 30+ experience in the industry allows us to identify challenges and quickly provide solutions to remove roadblocks so you can do what you do best…Sell!

Technology Focused

We know technology can’t solve all the worlds problems, however, we know when to use technology to make your life easier,more efficient, and more profitable.


Our dedicated team has a sense of urgency when you need help.  Our friendly staff is here to provide support, advice, or answer any questions you have.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, MyBenefitsComparison.com, is an exclusive online portal in the world of efficient online insurance sales. We provide industry professionals with insurance solutions to ensure their effectiveness and success now and into the future.

Our Philosophy

MyBenefitsComparison.com was founded based on two important principles; offer our insurance agents and brokers tools that help them increase their sales efficiency and provide a higher level of service and support than anyone else in the industry.

Our Team of Experts

Hugh B. White

Hugh B. White


Hugh brings experience to the table.  During Hugh’s 30+ years of experience in Employee Benefits he has held positions as VP of Sales at Principal Financial Group and launched a new successful wholesale division for a major general agency.  When when not creating new partnerships, Hugh loves spending time with his kids and visiting his “get-a-way” in rural southern Ohio.

Luke Murray

Luke Murray

Founder & Partner

Meet Luke, when his is not in the office making agents lives easier, you will find him outside kayaking on some tranquil river or watching his backyard chickens.  Over the last 9 years in the insurance industry, Luke has been the founder of Aspire Benefit Services and MyBenefitsComparison.com.  He is licensed in Life, Health, and Annuity and has a background in Computer Information Systems.

Paul Sabatino

Paul Sabatino

Software Architect

Paul is a master software artisan and is responsible for everything that goes on “under the interface” of the app.  Paul has over 20 years of software development experience and is key to our ability to deliver a high quality experience to our customers.

Kipp Abbott

Kipp Abbott

Project Manager and Creative Director

Kipp is our “get it done” man.  Kipp has over 15 years of software project management and keeps us on target to hit our release dates.

Dave Altman

Dave Altman


Dave not only has the longest beard in our office, but is the man responsible for keeping our servers up and running like a well oiled machine. His 20+ years of system administration experience ensures our customers can sleep well at night knowing that their data is secure.