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Our platform helps agents save time, hassle, and resources by streamlining product searches, enrollment, and application processing.
Built To Grow Your Business.

Agent Branded Marketplace

Impress your clients with a branded insurance marketplace that allows them to easily search, evaluate, enroll, and apply online for supplemental insurance products .

Best In Class Carriers

Our 30+ years of industry experience and carrier relationships, ensures our agents have access to a portfolio of the best options for your clients.

Eliminate Paperwork

Save you and your clients time by providing great products and simple online enrollment.  So easy your clients can even do it themselves!

Engage More Clients

Quickly build proposals online and send to clients for review, product selection, and enrollment.

Available for General Agents

Provide your agents with the tools needed to increase revenue, sell additional products, and onboard agents via a self-serve process.

No Hidden Fees

There are no fees to use our platform!  You own the business you write. 100% of commissions are paid directly to you by the insurance carrier.

It only takes a minute to setup your free agency account!
Easy Online Contracting
Get appointed with the best carriers quickly through our easy online contracting process.  No more filling out piles of repetitive paperwork!

Your Branded Insurance Marketplace

We provide you the best carriers, products, and client education so you can reap the benefits.  When you send a client to your exchange or send them a custom proposal we ensure your brand is “front and center” and that they have a great experience.
Simple Client Intake and Plan Selection
Our intake process is very simple and asks basic questions only once to get quotes from all of our carriers for the products available to your client.  Next, we present the products available, including detailed information to educate them, and why they may be a good fit for them. Finally, your client can enroll in any of the products using our online application.

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Expand Your Business With Our Built In Social and Client Proposal Tools
Reach new clients via social media. Engage new and existing customers via our simple online proposal generator.

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