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There are over 660,000 electricians in the United States. This profession is expected to grow 9% over the next 10 years.1 At Assurity, we have underwritten this occupation for years and have found it be a great way to expand revenue channels for those who are genuinely in need.

  • 660,000+ in the U.S. 
  • 9% expected growth over the next 10 years 

Client Scenario

Brian is a 43-year-old electrician in Topeka, KS. He makes a living working with architects on commercial jobs building electrical systems. Brian and his wife have a household income of $105,000 and one child at home. They have worked hard to make sure their retirement years are golden by putting all they can into savings and their 401(k)s. Brian’s annual salary is $52,000.

Occupation Class: 2 | Non-smoker


Owning a home, the most common way Americans build wealth, is something Brian and his wife have achieved. He truly believes in protecting this asset. They have 20 years left on their $175,000 mortgage. If Brian were unable to work due to an accident or illness for an extended period, their savings would be depleted quickly.


Brian is not easily sold but protecting what he feels is his greatest asset, his home, is key to the sale. We suggest a simplified approach and our Simplified Disability Insurance plan fits the bill. Brian applies for a Simplified Disability Income policy with a $1,000 monthly benefit over two years with a 60-day elimination period to cover his mortgage. To overcome the objection, “what if I never use it,” we add a Return of Premium rider to round out the coverage.

$102.15 per month for his Simplified Disability Income policy with riders. Just about the cost of the family monthly cable bill.
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